In a world where it's too dangerous to go outside, a starry-eyed teen cellist risks leaving her apartment to win the love of the rebel punk next door. A twisted musical with a good, pure heart.

From climate change to the political divide to Covid-19, the themes of BLEEDING LOVE have striking resonance.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that has grown so dangerous that parents won't let their children outside, a sequestered teen cellist named Bronwyn is kept home by her bedridden, overprotective aunt, Madame Floy. Bronwyn spends her days practicing cello by the window, dreaming of the world outside. Only no one ever passes by. 

The building is protected by the gun obsessed Super who is determined to keep intruders out, so the tragedy that happened to his wife never again occurs. His son, Sweet William, spends his days smitten with Bronwyn, who barely notices him.

One day, while staring out her window, Bronwyn notices the arrival of a punk named Puppy and his dominating girlfriend Lolli. Lolli rejects Puppy telling him to prove his love to her by getting her a rose. Bronwyn pities Puppy and determines to find a way to get him a real, live rose. Only problem is... nothing grows anymore. 


The podcast stars Annie Golden (Hair, The Full Monty, Xanadu) as Madame Floy, Drama Desk Nominee Rebecca Naomi Jones (Oklahoma!, American Idiot, Hedwig and the Angry Inch) as Lolli, Tony Nominee Marc Kudisch (Girl from the North Country, The Great Society, Finding Neverland) as The Super, Tony Nominee Sarah Stiles (Tootsie, Hand to Good, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever) as Bronwyn, Taylor Trensch (To Kill a Mockingbird, Hello, Dolly!, Dear Evan Hansen) as Sweet William, and Tony Vincent (Rocktopia, American Idiot, Rent) as Puppy. 


The Broadway Podcast network, Alan Seales and Dori Berinstein, in association with Steve Saporito, Kent Nicholson, and Katie Rosin, are thrilled to announce that there is musical theater happening right now in New York City. During the lockdown, the World Premiere Podcast production of BLEEDING LOVE, directed and edited by Harris Doran, is being recorded for a release later next month, based on a story by Jason Schafer, suggested by Oscar Wilde’s fairytale “The Nightingale and the Rose”, with book by Jason Schafer, music by Arthur Lafrentz Bacon, and lyrics by Harris Doran.


  1. Prologue (And the Sun Didn't Rise Again)..... Company
  2. Twilight..... Bronwyn
  3. Bleeding Love..... Puppy
  4. Plastic Rose..... Bronwyn
  5. Up There..... Sweet William, The Super
  6. Scene after Up There..... Bronwyn,
  7. Sweet William
  8. Up There (reprise)..... The Super
  9. The Cello Lesson..... Madame Floy
  10. Maybe I Met A Girl ..... Sweet William
  11. It's Just A Street..... Bronwyn
  12. Lolli Pops!..... Lolli
  13. Lolli's Popoff..... Lolli
  14. Is This Summer?..... Puppy, Bronwyn
  15. Intruders!..... Madame Floy, Sweet
  16. William, The Super, Lolli
  17. Plastic Rose (reprise).....Bronwyn
  18. Bleeding Love (reprise)..... Puppy
  19. Finale (One Rose Rose)..... Company



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